My daughter might but she’s not banging down my door asking about it

My daughter might but she’s not banging down my door asking about it

Nicole told Hoda Kotb on ‘Today’: “I just so clearly remember being 16 that it’s actually surprising how quickly I can go back there.

“When my da with her friends, I go, ‘I remember. Laila Heckmath did that to me.’ I remember first and last names, so it’s fun. It’s wild. And just the best.”

The teenagers recently made their red carpet debuts for the Los Angeles premiere of Nicole’s latest movie – a remake of ‘Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead’ – and the TV star really appreciated having their support.

Lala Kent accuses co-stars

Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, Lala a sua resposta shared: “I thought it wasn’t a group going into season 11. I don’t know what it’s like with the rest of them, but I kind of look at them a little differently.

“I feel like these people who I thought were so honest are actually not. I was feeling like, ‘Oh we got some fraudulence in the mix.'”

Asked which of her castmates she was referring to, Lala replied: “There’s just something about her. There’s just something about her. Or there’s nothing about her. You guys make the call.”

The reality star – who already has Ocean, three, with her ex-partner Randall Emmett – has revealed that she feels “relieved” to be having another girl.

“Apparently, before we found out, my brother pulled my mom aside and said, ‘Mom, you cannot tell Lauren, but if it’s another girl. I don’t think I can do it. I’m losing my mind.’ So of course my mom tells me this, we cut this cake, it’s pink. I felt so terrible.”

Meanwhile, Lala previously explained why she wanted to go with a sperm donor instead of waiting to find a boyfriend.

The reality star – who split from Randall in acrimonious circumstances – said on ‘Vanderpump Rules’: “I don’t want a baby daddy. It’s not happening. There’s no changing my mind.”

Kelce, Swift ‘having a blast’

Speaking to comedian Lil Dicky on ‘New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce’, the NFL star shared: “[I’m] just flying high, enjoying it all . Bringing new lives to the football world and opening up the football world up to new things.”

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