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Over the course of 2023, the pace of demand growth outside of China slowed significantly, to around 300 kb/d on average during 2H23. China will continue to lead oil demand growth in 2024, with its expanding petrochemical sector gaining an ever-larger share. Some traders only trade on the daily price changes of the oil contracts, making small amounts of money on changes throughout the day. For accessibility, there is no other reading that is as accurate or timely as the Department of Energy (DoE) Inventory figures for the US. This week-to-week reading of stockpiles for the world’s largest economy is frequently the impetus for substantial volatility; but not always. Depending on the market’s preexisting level of volatility and the interest in risk appetite trends; significant changes in inventory figures can lead to significant moves in the commodity itself.

  1. Used alongside fundamental analysis, traders use technical analysis tools to decide when to buy and sell.
  2. In the chart above the Relative Strength index (RSI) is the main technical indicator used to look for a buy signal.
  3. Oil trading therefore involves tight spreads, frequent chart patterns, and high volatility.
  4. They are used to make refined products like petrol, diesel and jet fuel.
  5. Most exchanges have criteria for who is allowed trade on them, so the majority of futures speculation is undertaken by professionals.

Brent Crude is a particularly light crude oil which is carried from the North Sea to the Sullom Voe Terminal on Mainland, Shetland by an underwater pipeline. You can trade a variety of oil markets with including popular crude oils WTI and Brent Crude, as well as no lead gasoline and heating oil. There is a more predictable link between the Canadian Dollar and oil prices. For example, as of 2019, Canada exports some three million barrels of oil and petroleum products per day to the US, meaning a huge demand for Canadian dollars is created. If US demand rises, more oil is needed, which often means oil prices rise, and could accordingly mean a fall in USD/CAD.

“We believe the lows are behind us and continue to see Brent oil trading in high $80s by May with a distinct possibility of crude overshooting our price target to the upside,” Kaneva wrote. Oil prices fell Thursday as traders monitored efforts to negotiate a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war. The difference is the increased supply of WTI from U.S. shale oil producers. Prices for other crude oils in these two continents are often priced as a differential to Brent, i.e., Brent minus $0.50. Brent Blend is refined in Northwest Europe and is the primary benchmark for crude oils in Europe and Africa. It’s a combination of crude oil from more than a dozen different oil fields in the North Sea.

Brent is the most widely used benchmark for determining gasoline prices. Crude oil trading can be profitable depending on your trading strategy, skills and experience. But, as with trading any asset, there is a risk that you can lose capital as unexpected events and excess leverage can quickly deplete your funds.

The crude oil market is highly volatile, which attracts traders looking to book short-term profits. Traders can buy and sell crude oil as a hedge against inflation eroding their purchasing power. The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which includes countries with the world’s largest crude oil and natural gas reserves, was founded in 1960. OPEC has been a strong influence on global oil prices, as it controls the supply. An increase in OPEC production can push down crude oil prices, while production cuts can drive prices higher.

Plan your trading

Weather and climate affect changes in oil prices much more than they affect securities such as stocks and bonds. When there is an unusually cold winter, the demand for oil (used for heating) will increase. For cyclical traders, this is often the best opportunity to enter the market. Unlike many other asset markets, if you want to have a better reading of the Oil price action, you also need to be interested in the fundamental analysis side. The Oil supply and demand balances are critical factors that can alter and change the Oil trend. The composition of crude oil varies by source, but two types are used to benchmark global prices.

World Energy Outlook 2023

Crude oil prices and related market news are available online, often for free. For example, MarketWatch provides up-to-date price quotes, headlines, and commentary. The site has an active link on its landing page showing the price of crude. The Reuters news service is another free site with a commodity-specific portion that shows current prices.

As these tanks fill up, concerns about surplus oil will impact market prices. Oil traders often use economic data releases to understand the health of an economy – such as GDP and employment figures. There are a huge number of factors that can impact oil supply and demand, we’ve taken a look at four of the most common below.


Light, sweet crude oil is the most popular grade of crude oil being traded, because it is the easiest to distill into other products, and it is traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). Brent hardware development process and lifecycle Blend Crude is another grade of oil that is primarily traded in London and seeing increased interest. Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States are the world’s three largest oil producers.

Additionally, at DailyFX, we recommend risking less than 5% of capital on all open trades. You’ll need a specialized account with a brokerage that offers futures trading. Each broker sets the standard for what you need to open a futures trading account, but you can expect to need a few thousand dollars of starting capital. Once you have access to the futures trading market, you can place trading orders much as you would with stocks or ETFs.

At the time of writing, Brent futures were just above $77/bbl and WTI around $72/bbl. Anxiety about China’s economy has weighed on the market over the past several months, but JPMorgan is forecasting growth of 4.9% this year as Beijing ramps up stimulus. There are few signs that China’s oil demand is slowing, according to Natasha Kaneva, head of global commodities strategy at the investment bank. Through futures markets, the normal function of hedging unfavourable price fluctuations by commercial users is exacerbated by purely speculative motives. What’s more, the rise of commodity-backed Exchange Traded Funds has further drawn in investor interest. These periods can occur quite regularly as oil is such a popular and volatile market.

The crude oil price volatility has massive implications all over the globe. It is an extremely popular option in the commodity market, especially among day traders or the ones with long-term trading goals. The high volumes of crude oil trading also offer greater liquidity in the market. The countries with the highest amount of crude oil consumption are India and China. Jump into this article to understand crude oil trading’s meaning, key features, and more. It demands minimal investment and enables investors to earn huge profits because of the high leverage.

These technical indicators help traders predict crude oil’s future price movement. Technical analysis in crude oil trading helps traders analyse the right time to buy and sell as per the formed candle. CFDs enable you to speculate on both crude oil prices on both spot and futures markets without having to take delivery.

Many of the same principles that apply to stock index futures also apply to crude oil futures. If you like trading the E-mini S&P, you’ll probably like crude oil, too. Technological developments and changes in resource distributions along the oil supply chain will also impact crude oil spot prices. The increased focus on renewable energy is already accelerating such changes. On an international level there are a number of different types of crude oil, each of which have different properties and prices. The different types of crude oil come from regions as diverse as Alaska North Lope, Arab Light or Zueitina in Libya.

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